Dancing in Red

Are you frustrated by looking for dancewear online only to find the item close to what you need but the neckline, back, length or sleeve are not right for your needs? Even if you do find the right piece, you may find that it is only offered in colors or sizes that don’t suit your purpose. Maybe you need 15 special leotards for your group number and there are only 10 available.

Dance Style Design is the solution to your dancewear problems. We offer the essential pieces for your collection with the flexibility of personalization. With over 75 years of combined sewing, fashion design and business experience, DSD can offer you the high quality, comfortable pieces that will complete your dance wardrobe. If you have special fitting needs or if you desire a special, custom designed, performance piece, Dance Style Design’s Couture Division is ready to meet your needs.



Cheryl Maloney

Founder + CEO

Ever since Cheryl can remember, dance and sewing have been a big part of her life. Her earliest memories are of taking the scraps from her mother’s sewing box to make clothes for her 30 Barbie Dolls. From taking part in Ballet classes as a young child to participating in Jazz, Tap, Modern, Theatrical, Swing, Salsa, and Ballroom dance classes and performances throughout her life, Cheryl has always found herself in the costuming departments designing and sewing the costumes that helped to bring the dances to life. Eventually, those skills that she earned over 55 years of classes in sewing, fashion design, pattern making, tailoring and sewing for others, led to a tailoring and design business that provided income to support her family. 
With the children grown and out of the house, and Ballroom Dance becoming a bigger part of the joy in her life, Cheryl found herself again sewing beautiful dance clothes for others and decided to start Dance Style Design. Her friend and business partner, Kathy joined her in November 2019 and together, they have built a business that assists dancers of all styles, ages and sizes to look and dance their very best.


Kathy Laughlin


After years of taking care of other people, Kathy found inner excitement and joy on the dance floor starting her dance journey with lessons in Contra Dancing, West Coast Swing, Argentine tango and Country 2-step before eventually finding her way to Ballroom and Latin dance. Kathy discovered that dancing is a gift that benefits people of all ages physically, mentally and socially. She loves to share her enthusiasm for dance with others and has done so by serving on the board of a national dance organization for several years.

Along with her dancing talents, Kathy brings to Dance Style Design the expertise gained by 20 years of experience designing and sewing authentic Victorian clothing. The attention to detail required to make those voluminous, intricate gowns has contributed to helping to make Dance Style Design a company that focuses on design detail and style to help every dancer look and feel their best. On the dance floor or in the design shop, Kathy and Cheryl are having the time of their lives while bringing smiles to their loyal customers.